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Some features of the Costume Direct website are only available when you create an account. When you register, you will be asked for your name and email address and will be required to create a password. You must fill in the required fields with complete information which is accurate at the time. You must keep your password secret at all times and not disclose it. When you are 'logged in' you are able to subscribe/unsubscribe from Email updates, change your password, and view previous orders you have placed with this account. You are also able to update Shipping/Billing details (if these have been provided in the past).


If you decide to place an order, you will be asked for additional details; shipping address, billing address and phone number (see our delivery page for details ). Once again, you must fill in the required fields with complete information which is accurate at the time. It is an illegal violation to place orders with false details provided, such as a false name. You must notify us immediately if any of your details change, or log in to your account and update your details. You will also be asked how you found out about Costume Direct. There is also a place for you to fill in any notes regarding your order (this is an optional field during the checkout process).


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Refunds / Returns

See our Refund and Return Policy.



Costumes may be changed by manufacturers without notice or be produced by different manafacturers. Changes are beyond our control. Because of this we do not guarantee the costume you order will be exactly as shown/described on screen, though we will certainly update our pictures and descriptions as soon as we are aware of any alterations to a product. If you are not satisfied with the costume, you may return it subject to normal refund and return policies.


Orders & Payments

Costume Direct reserves the right not to accept your order if the item is not in stock, if you do not provide us with valid payment details, if the payment is not authorized, if the details you have provided us are incorrect or incomplete, if you are in breach of any of the Terms & Conditions or at the discretion of Costume Direct. Placing your order and receiving e-mail confirmation that it has been placed is not the same as us accepting your order. In most cases orders are accepted, however you will be notified promptly if your order is not accepted. Orders will only be sent once full payment has been received and products will not be held for customers without payment.

A 10% GST amount is included in the price of every item sold on the Costume Direct website. Currency provided on the Costume Direct website is in Australian Dollars.
Payment methods available to users are Paypal, Visa or Master Card. Payment must only be made by/with permission of the authorized card or account holder. It is an illegal violation to use fraudulently obtained card details to place an order, or without the permission of the card/account holder.


Links to other websites
Links to other sites are occasionally provided on the Costume Direct site. The content of these sites may not be reflective of the views of Costume Direct, and the inclusion of a link does not indicate the endorsement of the product or services it promotes. Links are given for the users convenience only. From time to time there may be broken links within the site.


Changing or cancelling an order

In our aim to get your orders shipped to you as soon as possible, our system automatically process your orders.

Because of this we CAN’T alter or change your order after you have submitted it. We ask that you double check all details before submitting the order.

Please contact ASAP if you discover a mistake in your order. You may be able to catch us before we have sent the order, in which case we are able to refund both merchandise and shipping costs. If not though, you will receive the ordered products. We apologize for any inconvenience caused as a result. For more information on returns, please click here


Split Shipments

Occasionally Costume Direct will send parts of your order separately. This is to get your order to you ASAP. Additional shipping time is noted in the Product Descriptions. You will be informed via e-mail if your order needs to be shipped from different places and will not incur any additional postage expense as a result.


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Site Security

See our Privacy Policy for more details.

Your Costume Direct account may be suspended at any time without notice if you violate any of the Terms & Conditions of the Costume Direct site.


Spidering, Monitoring and Interfering
There is to be no spidering, monitoring or interfering with the Costume Direct site. Violation of this Term of Use will result in immediate termination of your account and you may be subject to legal action.

To request clarification or further information on any of the Terms & Conditions, or to make an enquiry, please contact Costume Direct via email (sales@