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1950's Costumes and Accessories!

t's the party season and we LOVE it! Obviously, when it comes to party season we are all about the costume parties! If you're stuck on a costume theme, we are here to help. We have a huge selection of costumes and a section of themes which we have categorised for you, to make choosing your next costume party theme that much easier.

1950's is one of our favourite costume party ideas. Think Greece, nerds and hanging out in a diner with a milkshake. It's an easy theme for everyone to get involved with, for those who don't want to dress up, they can throw on a cardigan and flowy skirt. Parties with an era theme are always fun because you can dance to the amazing songs all night long! 

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Shop 1950's Nerd HERE

Shop 1950's Polka Dot Dress HERE

These petticoats are perfect for the 50's theme, especially the pinks and the reds with polka dots! If you are any good at hair and make up try some 50's curls to finish off the look!

Shop Mens Bowling Shirt HERE

Shop Mens Nerd Cardigan HERE

These men's costumes are perfect for the lazy man who doesn't really want to dress up but has to attend the party. They can wear their own jeans and shoes and just need to pair with the shirt or cardigan!

Shop Frenchy Costume HERE

Shop Sandy Costume HERE

These costumes are so perfect, especially if you want to go matching with a friend! Everyone will know exactly who you are, so no need to have to explain who you are all the time! Not to mention, who wouldn't want to be a pink lady for a night!