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1960's Hippie Costumes and Accessories!

The 1960's were all about the hippies costumes and accessories! Think psychedelic prints, colourful, flower prints, fringe and peace signs when it comes to the era of the 1960's. Era parties are some of our favourite parties to throw! They give people a rough guide on how to dress and people can go as dressed up as they would like to. And then of course you can decorate the room to match, as well as playing the best hits of that era.

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These two costumes are perfect for the 1960's parties! The colourful psychedelic prints are perfect for the hippie era, pair with some peace sign jewellery and colourful sunglasses! 

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We 's e the bell sleeves on the dress, and paired with the white go go boots its perfect for the 1960's 1970's era! These are

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This fringe dress is the perfect 1960's dress with the colourful colours and the brown suede fringe overcoat. The mens costume embraces the bell bottom trousers and the tie dye print is perfect for the 60's theme.

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