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1980's Costumes and Accessories!

Can't decide what your next costume party should be?! We are here to help at Costume Direct and want to help you find the perfect theme for your next celebration. One of our favourite themes is era's. Whether you go with the 70's, 80's or roaring 20's people are usually happy to dress up! The great thing about these parties is that you can decorate in accordance with the era, and play music as well. This usually brings everyone to the dance floor when they hear their favourite songs playing from the 80's! Just pick a good spotify playlist and you're good to go! The 80's is a great era if you are thinking of doing one! There are so many options for costumes and people can dress up as much or as little as they like. Whether they go for the punk rocker or the acrobatics instructor there is something for everyone! As always, we have 10% off sitewide using code 'NEWYEARS'

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The Shell Suit is a classic for the 1980's- and not to mention you will be super comfy the whole night! They are super extravagant but this is definitely their appeal! Make sure you team your outfit with permed hair, and if you are a man a moustache, and a woman, some white heels! Both of these are super affordable, and with the 10% off are only around the $50 mark!

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When it comes to the 80's punk rock is what it's all about! Think Cyndi Lauper, fingerless gloves and tutus and that's exactly what you need to be wearing. These two costumes are perfect, just always remember to perm your hair as well!

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And of course, who can forget Top Gun! These costumes can also be re used and worn again for different themes and costume parties!

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