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Back to the 70's! Abba Costumes and Accessories!

The 1970's were all about the disco! When it comes to the 1970's think bright coloured suits, jumpsuits, bell sleeves and lots of lycra. If you're attending a 70's party draw your inspiration from Abba and Saturday Night Fever. If you're trying to decide on a good theme for your next costume party, why not try an era?! If you pick an era, most people will know how to dress accordingly, and you can always have fun with the music and decorations for the party to match. The 1970's was known for its great music and guaranteed by the end of the party you'll have everyone on the dance floor! We have a 10% discount site wide at the moment, which ends soon! Use code 'VALENTINES' at checkout.

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When it comes to finding a costume for the 1970's look no further than a white lycra jumpsuit! Available for both men and women they both have some added metallic and sequin detail- because that's what the 70's was all about. With the discount both jumpsuits are under $50 with the 10% discount.

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The White Disco Suit is the epitome of the disco era. Slick your hair back and you're all good to go!

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These two jumpsuits will help you embrace your inner dancing queen! The blue jumpsuit is all about bell sleeves and ruffle bell trousers and we dig it. It will definitely put you in the mood for a dance and will have all eyes on you. The right, multicoloured jumpsuit is better if you want something a bit more subtle. Don't forget that hair blow dry!

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