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Bookweek 2018: Find your treasure!

The theme for the 2018 book week is 'Find your treasure.' Although officially not till the end of the year in August, schools start having book week from Term 2, as the end of year can be busy with other events like Christmas etc! We have 10% off site wide using code 'VALENTINES' at checkout. Although costumes can be pricey, kids costumes are always a good investment. Kids are always attending costume parties and having school plays and events where costumes are needed. Having some costumes on hand ready to go always saves last minute stress!

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Superhero costumes for kids are always a favourite! These two best sellers will definitely be kept in the dressing up box and used again. Who wouldn't want to be Wonder Woman or Batman?! And of course, for book week, these are both from comic books.

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And of course, we can't go past Disney characters when it comes to book week. Although technically, these were originally movies and short animations, they have been created into books. The Little Mermaid is also perfect for the theme of 'Find your treasure' along with many of the other Disney classics! Little Red Riding Hood costume is adorable, and would look super cute paired with a little wolf toy.

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If you don't want to have to think of a creative way to dress up for book week, sometimes it's easier to pick a classic book where no one will have any questions as to who you are! Where's Wally is super easy and people will immediately know who you are. This costume is also great for teachers to wear for book week if they have to dress up. A Cat in the Hat costume is another classic and something which will be immediately recognised.

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The Hobbit is another classic book, and works perfectly with the theme 'Find your treasure.' Bilbo Baggins is perfect for this! This Willy Wonka costume is also great for the 'Find your treasure' theme, referring to the golden tickets he gives out! And everyone will always recognise Willy Wonka!

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We have a huge range of kids costumes which are perfect for book week costumes, for the kids and teachers as well. Remember to use discount code 'VALENTINES' at checkout for a 10% discount, ends soon!