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Bookweek...Escape to Space!

Bookweek...Escape to Space!

Its BOOKWEEK!! As costume enthusiasts we love any opportunity to dress up and bookweek is the perfect opportunity to do so! The theme this year is 'Escape to Everywhere' so we have created some handy categories to choose from to make choosing your costume a bit easier! We have compiled a list below of some of our favourite costumes for the upcoming bookweek and books that they are in so no last minute scramble for a costume!

Escape to Space is a great costume idea as you can pretty much take any book that involves space! There are also lots and lots of costumes within the space theme, plenty which can be reworn for other events and parties.

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Star Wars

Star Wars is one of our best sellers all year round, not just during bookweek! Star Wars costumes are an easy costume idea, not only will you not have everyone asking who or what you are meant to be, (hopefully) its fairly obvious!


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Astronauts are a great costume, and certainly fit into the 'Escape to Everywhere' theme! Space is definitely the furthest place you can possibly escape!!

Astronauts are great for both boy and girl costumes and soooo many books involve astronauts.

To name a few:

1. The Darkest Dark

2. Spaceman

3. Let's be astronauts

4. Astronaut Academy

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