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Commonwealth Games begins! International Costume inspiration

The Commonwealth Games begins on the 4th April till the 15th! This is a time to get creative with costumes, you can either go for the sports costumes or pick a country and dress up. This is a good theme to have, as costumes can be as elaborate or as simple as you'd like. International costumes are great as they can be re worn again for Halloween, office Christmas parties or any other dress up party you have to attend! We also have a 10% discount at the moment site wide, using code 'VALENTINE'

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South Arabia was in the Commonwealth Games and we love these two costumes! Channel your inner princess Jasmine with this adorable costume, perfect for your little ones if they have a school dress up day for the games. The Arabian mens costume is perfect for the office party! 

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India is involved in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and they're an easy costume to wear for the event! Think Bollywood and all kinds of colours and you'll have an amazing costume. The left costume is perfect for an office do, while the right is perfect for a party! 

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Participating in the Commonwealth Games are loads of countries from the Oceania region. An easy costume, particularly for the men are these "Hawaiian" shirts. These are perfect for the Islander countries!

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And of course, you can't go past a Leprechaun costume when it comes to the Irish. And the best part? St Patricks Day is right around the corner- so you can re use your outfit for your next costume party!

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