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Everything you need for Australia Day!

Australia Day is right around the corner!! At Costume Direct we have a wide range of costumes for every level of dress up. Whether you want to go all out as Steve Irwin, our classic Aussie icon or want something a bit more casual we can find a costume for the day! At the moment we also have 10% off SITEWIDE using code 'NEWYEARS' at checkout. 

Shop Australia Day Costumes HERE

If you're trying to think of a costume for Australia Day, think no further than the iconic Steve Irwin. A true Australian- everyone will know who you're meant to be!

Shop Safari Steve Irwin HERE

Shop Steve Irwin Wig HERE

Another classic Aussie icon, the shark! Might be a touch hot for the day, but you are definitely guaranteed some laughs!

Shop Kids Shark Costume HERE

Shop Shark Adult Costume HERE

If you have children, or even if you don't- you know about the wiggles! These costumes are guaranteed to put a smile on your kids faces- not just for Australia Day. Every kid loves to dress up- and if you've got a kid who's a big fan of the wiggles they will love it!

Shop Captain Feather sword HERE

Shop Dorothy HERE


These are two of my favourite this Australia Day! The piggy back costume is always a crowd pleaser! 

Shop Shark Costume HERE

Shop Kangaroo Costume HERE

Remember to use discount code 'NEWYEARS' for 10% off sitewide!