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Find your ultimate Disney Princess Costume!

For the girls, Disney princesses are a favourite when it comes to dressing up! Kids costumes get so much wear out of them, kids are always wearing them to dress up birthday parties, school events, like bookweek and around the house for dress up play! Everyone knows about the traditional and original Disney princesses but if you don't have kids you might not know about the rise of the new wave of Disney princesses. Disney princesses also work great for adult costumes, and make cute couple costumes if your Disney princess has a love interest, and most of them always do! We have a discount code available at the moment for 10% off site wide. Use code 'VALENTINES' at checkout.

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Snow White is one of the original Disney princesses, obviously from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. If you wanted to do a group costume, you could get friends to dress up as the 7 dwarfs, you'll just have to fight over who gets to dress up as Snow White!

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Beauty and the Beast costumes and accessories became increasingly popular with the release of the live action version with Emma Watson. For a cute costume get a matching beast costume, or teacups if you want to go as a group costume.

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Rapunzel was one of the original Disney Princesses, but has been reworked into their new movie Tangled. Pair your costume with a long wig and you're good to go!

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Frozen is the latest Disney craze with two of the newest and most popular Disney princesses. Anna and Elsa are sisters and if you know any children or haven't been living under a rock you would know a song or the whole soundtrack from Frozen.

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We have the full range of Disney princesses and costumes online at Costume Direct. If you have several friends a cute group costume could be all of the Disney princesses, always good to start thinking of Halloween ideas nice and early!