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Flintstones Costumes!

Stuck for costume ideas? At Costume Direct we are here to help with any challenges when it comes to throwing your next costume party or finding the perfect costume for an event! One of our popular themes is the Flintstones! Costumes like the Flintstones are always easily recognised, so you aren't going to have any confusion and people wandering who you are meant to be. As well as this, the Flintstones can be worn individually or is perfect for a couple costume, or even a family costume which we think is so cute!

We are also having a 10% off sale sitewide! Use code 'NEWYEARS' at checkout to receive the discount, and to sweeten the deal we also have free shipping over $100 for all orders.

Fred and Wilma Flintstone are the perfect couple costume! These costumes are also super easy and require no other accessories or additions. Just simply throw on the costume and some shoes and you are good to go! And with the discount both together come to under $100! Bargain!

Shop Fred Flintstone HERE
Shop Wilma Flintstone HERE

And of course, who can forget Barney and Betty! These costumes work perfectly if you've got a group of people and all want to dress together! 

Shop Barney Costume HERE

Shop Betty Costume HERE