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Game of Thrones Costumes and Accessories!

Unless you've been living under a rock you would have heard of Game of Thrones, and most likely watched an episode, or 100. The show which recently wrapped its 8th season will have their next season coming out in April 2019!!! Which means we have just enough time to watch again from the beginning! We have a discount code for the month of February- use code 'VALENTINES' at checkout for 10% site wide. Making your decision to purchase your costume that little bit easier!

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When it comes to picking your Game of Thrones costumes you can go several different ways. Whether you want the luxury and fancy and go as a medieval knight, or go as something more rugged and go for the barbaric warrior. Either way, you will look great! For the warrior add some dirt smudges with make up to make you look that little bit more authentic! 

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When it comes to women Game of Thrones costume it's all about the velvet. These rich colours scream luxury, especially with the fur and gold trimming. The cape is an easy outfit if you want to wear your own clothes underneath to be a bit more comfortable. The Queen of Thrones costumes is all ready to go and is even on SALE! Plus remember the extra 10% off site wide to sweeten the deal a little bit more!

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