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Halloween: zombie costumes!

BEWARE! The Zombie apocalypse wasn't just a Hollywood Halloween thriller, it's looming over us this Halloween! We've heard that the zombies will be taking form in a multitude of personalities and attires...from nurses to teachers and and high school prom queens! So BEWARE, for the night is young and the zombies will be everywhere!

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SHOP Womens Zombie Costume: High School Prom Queen Zombie Costume for Halloween

SHOP Zombie Convict Mens Costume

SHOP Halloween Zombie Nurse Costume for Women

SHOP Zombie Nightmare Childs Costume. Kids Halloween Costume

SHOP Zombie Doctor Mens Costume. Mens Halloween Zombie Costume

SHOP Zombie Groom Costume. Mens Zombie Costume

SHOP Zombie Bloody Womens Costume 

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Halloween is by far the best time for costume hunting! It's a free fall for your most phantagosmagorical wonders for costumes, whether you want to be a zombie, disney princess, queen of hearts, a vampire, goth or werewolf for the night, we've got your halloween costume covered! 

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A spooky but Happy Halloween to you!

The Costume Direct Team