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Harry Potter Costumes and Accessories!

When it comes to costumes, there are some that can be re worn over and over again! Harry Potter costumes are no exception to this! If you're a Harry Potter fan (who isn't?!) then you're probably going to love the idea of owning a Gryffindor scarf or robe. And who doesn't know about Harry Potter?? So wearing it to a costume party is an easy fix! At the moment we have 10% off site wide using code 'NEWYEARS.' This offer ends soon as February comes up so get in quick!

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Sometimes all you need for a costume is accessories! If you don't want to spend lots of money on a costume just opt for a scarf or tie to go with an outfit. Wear simple trousers and a shirt to make it look like a school uniform and you're good to go! Other accessories like wands and glasses can also be found online in the accessories section and are a best seller to complete the Harry Potter outfit- don't forget the scar!

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When it comes to Harry Potter, kids will definitely be the ones to love dressing up! Harry Potter robes are perfect for bookweek costumes and can be worn with plain clothes underneath- so a nice and easy costume for someone who doesn't love to dress up! Both robes have the 10% discount as well- so make sure to enter 'NEWYEARS' at checkout!

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And of course, we couldn't not have a Hermione costume! This classic cardigan can be paired with some black trousers and it looks like you're on your way to Hogwarts! If you want to go all out pair with a wand, a robe and the Hedwig prop.

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Harry Potter also works well as a group or couple costume! If you've got more than three people why not add some death eaters in, Malfoy, Dumbledore or Hagrid?! A costume guaranteed for some laughs!