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International Costumes and Accessories: Mexican Day of the Dead!

At Costume Direct we have a wide range of costumes for every costume party, Halloween party, international holiday and party theme. We have a wide range of international costumes, perfect for holidays and celebrations including St Patricks Day, Day of the Dead, Oktoberfest, Australia Day and many more. Our international costumes include Mexican costumes, Arabian costumes, French costumes, German costumes, Indian costumes, Hawaiian costumes, Oriental costumes, Japanese costumes and many more! International costumes are perfect for a costume party 'Around the world,' where everyone gets given a different country to dress up as. 

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Mexican costumes are a very popular costume, especially with the Day of the Dead celebrations on the 2nd November. They are popular for Halloween and are a popular costume party idea! Whether you want to go as a senorita, a Mexican bandit, Zorro or in a tequila costume we have something perfect for you!

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If you're looking for a great costume look no further than a Zorro costume! Dressed head to toe in black, dress up as the charming vigilante. 

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If you're going to a Mexican party, then look no further than a poncho costume! If you aren't really into dressing up then the instant Mexican kit is perfect. You can wear your normal clothes underneath and throw on the poncho and stick on the moustache and you're good to go. The poncho dress is another super easy costume to throw on! Pair with a sombrero hat and some maracas and you're all done.

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If you're going to a Mexican party, I love the authentic looking senorita costume.The flowy skirt with the colourful stripes is gorgeous! Put some flowers in your hair and grab a fan and you're set. The Tequila shooter costume is also pretty amazing and you are guaranteed to be a favourite at the party. Make sure you bring a bottle of tequila with you!

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The Mexican bandit is perfect if you want something a little different to the typical poncho/sombrero Mexican cosume. Don't forget to add your moustache! And of course, we had to have a tequila shooter costume for men too! Don't forget the bottle of tequila if you want people to love your costume!

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And we have a huge range of Mexican sombrero's for every outfit! This black one is perfect for your Mexican bandit costume, otherwise we have a range of colour ones and straw ones which will compliment any Mexican costume. The tequila bottle is possibly my favourite Mexican costume and will definitely be funny! Go as a pair with the tequila shooter! 

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