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Mad Hatter Costumes: Disney Alice in Wonderland for Book Week and Halloween!

Book Week is coming up and that means it's time to decide what costume to wear! We obviously love dressing up, so we absolutely love book week. And what better book then a classic like Alice in Wonderland! This classic story has been remade into a favourite Disney movie and we love all the costumes and characters. These Alice in Wonderland costumes include Alice costumes, mad hatter costumes, chesire cat costumes, queen of hearts costumes, king of hearts costumes, card guard costumes and rabbit costumes.

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But one of our favourites is definitely the mad hatter costumes! When it comes to the mad hatter his costume is the most elaborate, which we absolutely love. It's a great costume because everyone will know who you are meant to be dressed up as, as well as being able to re wear it to office Christmas costume parties and for Halloween costumes.

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