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Mario Brothers Costumes and Accessories!

The Mario Brothers was always a favourite video game growing up, especially if you're a nineties kid! Whether you're a Mario, Luigi or Princess Peach fan, we have a costume for you! The Mario Brothers costume makes a great couple costume, and with Princess peach a great group costume. Although technically not from a book, Mario Brothers costumes would be great for book week, especially with the 2018 theme, 'Find your treasure.'

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If you're going solo to the costume party then Mario himself is a good costume option. And with a costume like this, everyone knows exactly who you are!

Shop Kids Mario Brothers Costume HERE

Shop Mario Brothers Adult Plumber Costume HERE

And a Luigi costume, because sometimes you need a Luigi to your Mario.

Shop Luigi Mario Brothers Plus Size Costume HERE

Shop Luigi Mario Brothers Plumber Costume HERE

And of course we have some girlish costumes too! Princess Peach is perfect for the little girl who loves video games! 

Shop Princess Peach Girls Mario Brothers Costume HERE

Shop Womens Mario Brother Jumpsuit Costume HERE

If you don't want to purchase the full costume, we have a range of costume accessories to add to your costume including the Mario moustache and Mario Brothers hat.

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