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Marvel Costumes and Accessories: Deadpool

We are all about the superhero costumes at Costume Direct! Marvel costumes and accessories have become increasingly popular due to the release of many blockbuster hits, including the hilarious Dead pool! The new movie, Deadpool 2 is coming soon and we bet it's going to be hilarious. These costumes always work great for costume parties and any dress up events, with everyone immediately recognising the characters! Going as all the Avengers together would also work great for a group costume! Use discount code 'VALENTINES' at checkout for 10% off site wide- ending soon, hurry in quick!

Shop All Deadpool Costumes and Accessories HERE

The Deadpool costume is perfect for your next costume party! Comes with the full jumpsuit and mask so you're already to go to your next party, no fuss.

Shop Deadpool Adult Deluxe Mens Costume HERE

If you're looking for something a bit quirky for your next costume, this speech bubble headband mask is perfect! The kit comes with detachable quotes and zingers- all hilarious Deadpool sayings. The kit can be changed around at the party and will guaranteed to give some laughs at the party.

Shop Deadpool Speech Bubble Mask Kit HERE