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Movie Costumes: Ghostbusters!

When it comes to dressing up for a costume party, always good to pick something that everyone will know! You don't want to spend the whole night explaining who you are, or people thinking you're in the wrong costume. That's why it's always easy to pick out a favourite, or iconic movie, that has a stand out character. Ghost busters is a classic movie, and the costumes work great for couples, pairs or group costumes. Use code 'VALENTINES' at checkout for 10% off everything at Costume Direct! 

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These costumes work perfectly as a couple costume. They're both very affordable, both under $70, and with another 10% off on top of that. The costumes come with the jumpsuit and all the accessories, so no extra pieces needed for the costume. If you don't want to be a sexy ghostbuster then you can always wear the full length jumpsuit!

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And of course, you can't go past the ghost and slime costumes. If you are trying to think of a group costume, this one is particularly funny! Then you can have as many ghostbuster's as you need to have in the group! Everyone would definitely get a laugh out of this one as well! 

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