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Movie Costumes: Suicide Squad!

When it comes to dressing up, it is sometimes hard to find inspiration! My suggestion would always be, to look to a favourite movie, book or TV show if they have any great characters you can dress up as. If they're a popular movie, and well known enough, most people will be able to pick who you are meant to be! Last Halloween Suicide Squad had just come out, and Harley Quinn became our best selling costume! Super villains are always fun to dress up as and can be something a little different your typical comic book superheroes. You can usually also have a bit of fun with make up and hair when it comes to the super villains! At the moment, we also have a 10% off site wide coupon. Use code 'VALENTINES' at checkout.

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Everyone knows Harley Quinn from Suicide Squad, but there's also Katana if you want to dress up! This works well if you wanna match with your bestie, or for a group costume.

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And of course, you've got the mail super villains! Both of these costumes are great for those who don't love dressing up, as they're both just shirts, so you can throw them on with your own clothes.

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Suicide Squad is a great theme for a group costume! These are just 4 of the costumes you can choose, if you have a big group of friends why not have some go as superheroes and the others super villains!