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Pirate Costumes and Accessories!

Stuck for a costume idea? Look no further than Costume Direct- we have everything to cover you for your next costume party! If you are stuck on an idea- why not try something out of the ordinary! One of my favourite themes is pirates! Pirate costumes are great- you can go solo or go with a partner, you can put in as much or as little effort as you want and most people will know who you're meant to be! Also super cute as a family costume! We also have 10% off site wide using code 'NEWYEARS'

Whether you want something sexy or something a bit more conservative we have lots of womens costumes! The one on the left has more gypsy vibes, versus the pirate on the right which is a bit more extreme! Both look great and can be worn again to other costume parties.

Shop Red Pirate Outfit HERE

Shop Short Pirate Outfit HERE

As you can see from these two outfits, we also have lots of different costumes for men! The left one is one of our deluxe costumes, still under the $100 mark but has a lot more detail and would definitely be great for someone who doesn't mind getting into dressing up! Then on the right we have one which is a bit simpler and better for those who hate dressing up! The costume on the right is also only $35.99 without the 10% discount so it's a bargain as well!

Shop Pirate Deluxe Outfit HERE

Shop Pirate Outfit HERE

And of course, our kids range is also extensive! Because what kid doesn't love dress ups!

Shop Girl Pirate Costume HERE

Shop Boy Pirate Costume HERE

Remember to use code 'NEWYEARS' at checkout for 10% off sitewide!