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Police Officer and Cop Costumes for Halloween

Everybody's beloved primary school game, Cops and Robbers, makes a come back this Halloween! 

Police and cop costumes are great for both costume parties and Halloween. Pair up with a mate for a cops and robbers idea or recreate iconic police duos, such as The Simpsons Police, 21 Jumpstreet and Lethal Weapon. Browse through our collection of law enforcement costumes, whether you're after a NYC cop style costume, NYPD police uniform, a sexy police/cop costume or a classic police uniform costume, we've got the police vests, accessories, badges, hats, cuffs and uniforms. Consider your police Halloween Costume crossed off the 'To Do List'.

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Shop: Police Uniform Womens Costume HERE

Shop: Police Cuff Em' Cops Set - Mens Costume HERE

Shop: NYPD Police Costume Set featuring a vest and hat  HERE

Shop: Police Cadets Womens Costume HERE

Shop: Kids Police Costume HERE

Shop: Police Kit HERE

Shop: Police Hat HERE

Shop: NYC Police Uniform for Men HERE

Shop: Police NYC Cop, Womens HERE

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All the best for your special occasion!

- The Costume Direct Team