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Saturday Night Fever Costumes and Accessories

Embrace your inner diva with a Saturday Night Fever costume theme! The era of disco is one of the best- it's all about dancing and costumes and throwing a disco party is always fun. Parties like this are guaranteed to have everyone dancing by the end of the night, throw on some 70's music and everyone will head straight to the dance floor! We have 10% off site wide at the moment, using code 'VALENTINES' at checkout.

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If you're thinking disco party, you can't go wrong with a classic white suit! These suits scream 1970's and Saturday Night Fever, and they're reasonably priced- with the right suit only costing $59 with the 10% off as well!

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When it comes to a disco party, these jumpsuits are what it's all about! If you want something a bit more conservative, the black might be your best option, but I personally love the bright colours on the first one! If you're going to dress up for a theme then you might as well go all out! Remember 10% off site wide with code 'VALENTINES.'

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