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Star Wars Costumes and Accessories: The Collector's Edition!

Star Wars costumes are always a favourite at Costume Direct! They are always a go to for Halloween and costume parties and we have a huge range of costumes for every budget and theme. When it comes to Star Wars though, we have an incredible collector's edition range called the Supreme Edition. All of these costumes are exquisite and of the highest quality! They are perfect for Star Wars obsessed people, and if you're looking to start a collection, why not start with a costume! And at the moment we have a 10% coupon for everything!! Use code 'VALENTINES' at checkout.

Shop All Star Wars Costumes HERE


Shop Shadow Trooper Supreme Edition HERE

Shop Darth Vader Supreme Edition HERE

Shop Boba Fett Supreme Edition HERE

Shop Chewbacca Supreme Edition HERE

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Shop Storm Trooper Supreme Edition HERE

These are just a couple of our Supreme Edition range! As you can see from the photos, and we can guarantee that you will not be disappointed! Remember that 10% discount code to save some pennies for your next order!