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Star Wars Costumes and Accessories!

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The Last Jedi movie was released a week ago and as always, Star Wars fans went crazy! The 10th movie in the series marks 40 years since the beginning and the release of the first movie.

At Costume Direct we are big Star Wars fans and have a huge range of Star Wars costumes and accessories. Whether you're going all out and dressing up for the event or just know a Star Wars costume always comes in handy we have a costume for you and your budget!

2 of our best selling Star Wars costumes for women, is of course, Rey and then the very sexy Storm Trooper! At the moment we have 10% off ALL costumes with discount code 'CHRISTMAS'!

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If you're looking to invest in a Star Wars costume, our Deluxe Darth Vader costume is perfect! Always a good costume to have around, there will be no confusion who you are meant to be, everyone knows Darth Vader! And with the discount CHRISTMAS receive the costume for only $105.29!

The Storm Trooper is an absolute bargain, only $53.99 with discount code CHRISTMAS! 

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We have so many more costumes and accessories online for Star Wars and everything else! Shop the full Star Wars range HERE