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Superhero Costumes and Accessories!

When it comes to costumes, superhero costumes are always a fan favourite! The great thing about superhero costumes is that you are always recognised, you can always re wear them and they are usually pretty comfortable! Our superhero costumes range from super low key to the more elaborate and in detail costumes for the major superhero comic book fans. At the moment we have a discount code available site wide! Use code 'NEWYEARS' at checkout for 10% off EVERYTHING!

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Batman Costumes are always our best sellers! Batman will always be a classic and EVERYONE knows who Batman is! These 2 best sellers are both under the $75 mark- and with the extra 10% off our a bloody bargain!

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And of course, we couldn't forget the amazing women superheroes! Whether you want something more sexy or more traditional, we have a costume which will suit your budget and needs.

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