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Superhero Movie Costumes: Ant man Costumes!

It's all about the superheroes when it comes to costumes these days! Ever since the release of all the new Marvel superhero and super villain movies, they seem to be the favourite for costume parties. Ant man is no exception to this superhero trend with the release of the movie in 2015. Don't forget our 10% discount site wide, using code 'VALENTINES' at checkout! Applies to everything on the website- so hurry in quick before it ends.

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Costumes for kids are always a good investment. They end up wearing them to plenty of costume parties, school functions like bookweek or even just around the house for playtime. Filling up a dressing up box with costumes is always great for when they have friends over! 

Shop Antman Childs Costume HERE

And of course, we have a range of the costumes available for adults as well. Although typically worn by the males, these costumes, of course, can be worn for women as well. If you're trying to think of a costume for an event or party, an Antman costume would be perfect with all your friends in Marvel costumes.

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