Medieval Costumes: Adult Halloween Costumes, Game of Thrones Costumes, Coporate Party Costumes

Although I'm sure we can all agree that we'd prefer to live in the current age that's free from the negatives associated with the Medieval ages, the attires will always speak out to us! The infatuating collection of swords and medieval weapons, the d

Medieval Faire is Around the Corner: Be King for a Day!

It's good to be the King. It's also fun to make a fool of yourself and play Jester for the day. Costume Direct also has fun recognisable favourites such as Robin Hood, Wizard Gandalf, Legolas, Dungeon Master (in executioner black of course), and many

Medieval and Renaissance Costumes: Hunger Games Celtic Warrior Katniss Lord of the Rings Robin Hood Book week and Halloween Costumes

Book week is starting this term which means its time to get creative! Our medieval and renaissance costume range features a huge range of costumes including Hunger Games costumes, Katniss Everdeen costumes, celtic warrior costumes, crusader costumes,