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The Festival Season! Costumes that are EXTRA!

Festival season is currently happening at the moment which means many OTT outfits need to be worn! Festival season is my favourite time of the year, because more is more. Think sequins, fur, fringe, rainbow colours and ruffles in one outfit! You can literally never have too much! So although we are a costume shop we do have many great pieces which can be worn to your next festival to give you that WOW factor which is always what you want!

Shop Pink Fur Leg Warmers HERE

Shop Rainbow Cape HERE

Shop Rainbow Fur Leg Warmers HERE

Accessories are always a good idea! Especially if you've already got something to wear but you just need to jazz it up a little bit! These fur leg warmers are amazing- pair with some shorts and a crop and you have the perfect festival outfit. Nothing is over the top and these are amazing! And of course who can forget the rainbow cape! Pair with some bright coloured clothes underneath if you aren't a big fan of being too over the top.


Shop Rainbow Sequin Corset HERE

Shop Rainbow Costume HERE