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Top Gun/ Tom Cruise Costumes

The mere mention of Tom Cruise has every lady in the room set for story time. Eyes and ears, their attention is fully booked, and can you blame them?

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Getting right to it, we've designed a list of the most Tom Cruise/ Top Gun style costumes for your upcoming event. 

Exhibit .1. If you can remember this iconic scene, you're a true romantic ;)

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To be on your quest you'll need the essentials! The Aviator Kit. Equipped with a military bage, pilot sunnies and a pair of epelets. 

And for the boss women out there...the Top Gun Womens Aviation Officer. Equipped with the white aviator officer dress, hat and gloves. This costume reaps authority in every aspect.

Exhibit .2. The classic aviator student costume. A full body aviator jumpsuit with military tags and aviator sunglasses. 

SHOP. Top Gun Deluxe Mens Costume 

SHOP Aviator Top Gun, Tom Cruise Mens Costume

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And of course, one for the women...the Top Gun Womens Flight Jumpsuit Costume

or the Top Gun Womens Flight Dress Costume. Including an aviator dress with interchangeable Maverick and Goose name military badges.

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Happy costume hunting,

The Costume Direct Team

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