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Upcoming events: Mardi Gras Costumes and Accessories!

Mardi Gras is coming up on March 3rd and this is one of our favourite times to dress up! It's all about colours, sequins, fur, ruffles and rainbows and how does that not sound like the most fun EVER. We have a wide range of Mardi Gras costumes- from everything to over the top costumes to some things more subtle. We also have 10% off site wide at the moment, using code 'VALENTINES' at checkout. 

Shop Mardi Gras Costumes HERE

If you're looking for a Mardi Gras costume- look no further than rainbow colours! Both of these items can be paired with other super bright and colour accessories and clothing to make your outfit all kinds of crazy!

Shop Rainbow Shirt HERE

Shop Rainbow Dress HERE

At Mardi Gras it is all about being sexy!! If you're going to the parade don't be afraid to show some skin- and these 2 costumes are perfect for that! AND the Army Men's Costume is on sale for under $20! Bargain!

Shop Burlesque Pink Women's Costume HERE

Shop Men's Army Costume HERE


Here are two of my personal favourite items! When it comes to events like this, more is more. These two pieces can be paired with any other rainbow clothing items or bright colours. Think feather boas, leg warmers etc. Alternatively if you aren't into dressing up, the rainbow cape is a great piece to add over your outfit!

Shop Rainbow Cape HERE

Shop Rainbow Corset HERE