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We love ABBA! 1970's inspired costumes!

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Stuck on ideas for your next party?! Why not go that extra mile and make it a costume party! Providing your friends will all dress to theme and make it fun then it is always a good idea. A costume party forces people to get creative about their costumes and always provides a few laughs to see what others have dressed up. And once you've chosen your theme you can then go crazy with the decorations and all the other fun stuff! That's why the ABBA theme is so great! You will have everyone dancing by the end of the night- making your party be remembered as a fun one! When you think ABBA you think the 1970's and bright vibrant colours, so encourage everyone to get creative.


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ABBA costumes are also a perfect couple costume if you're looking to dress up together! If it's a party where you have to look quite extravagant this can make you feel a bit more comfortable so you dont have to turn up in a spandex jumpsuit by yourself.

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These are two of my favourite costumes from the ABBA range, they are so bright and colourful- perfect to brighten up the party!